Program references

arbtt consists of a few command line tools, the most important one is arbtt-stats. This overview is followed by their manual pages.

To generate statistics about the data that arbtt-capture has gathered, use the program arbtt-stats. A detailed description of the possible options is given in arbtt-stats(1).

The collection of data is done by arbtt-capture. Usually, you only set it up once to run automatically, as described in the section called “Installation”, and do not have to worry about it again. Its command line reference is given in arbtt-capture(1).

Because the data log file is binary, a tool names arbtt-dump can bee used to dump the data in various textual formats. Its command line reference is given in arbtt-dump(1).

If arbtt-capture crashes it might be that the log file is not readable any more. In some cases, this can be fixed using the (relatively raw) arbtt-recover tool. Its command line reference is given in arbtt-recover(1).